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Marc Scibelli

As Chief Creative Officer of Infor Marc Scibelli leads Infor's creative think-tank, Hook & Loop.


Scibelli has helped pioneer the consumerization of business software by partnering a creative agency with business software experts. Based in Manhattan, Hook & Loop has creative staff from all walks of the design spectrum, but all with a pedigree outside of enterprise software. Under Scibelli's leadership, the Hook & Loop team has grown from 15 members in the beginning of 2013 to approximately 80 today, and Infor recently leased more space at its headquarters to accommodate this growth.


Hook & Loop works closely with Infor developers and product managers to drive user experience past the foundational needs of technology to focus on creating pleasurable and meaningful experiences for users. Hook & Loop has had an immediate impact on Infor products and plays an instrumental role in the development of Infor's SoHo user experience and Infor Ming.le™ collaboration platform.


Scibelli shares a Pulitzer Prize for information graphics and is a 17-year veteran of creative agencies. He has degrees in visual communications and advertising art & design.


Marc Scibelli


MAY 12-20 2018

in times square