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Rick Cook

Rick Cook is a Founding Partner at COOKFOX Architects. Over the past 30 years as a New York City architect, he has built a reputation for innovative, award-winning architectural design. In 2003, Rick combined his established firm with Bob Fox to form COOKFOX. In 2006, Rick and Bob joined with Bill Browning and Chris Garvin to form Terrapin Bright Green, a strategic consulting firm committed to improving the human environment. Rick’s diverse portfolio of projects includes the bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park, The Hegeman in Brooklyn, Neeson Cripps Academy in Phnom Penh, 150 Charles Street on the west side of Manhattan, and he is currently working on two new Breaking Ground developments in the Bronx. Most recently, among numerous projects across the city, he is designing a high-performance, ecologically integrated academic building for Marymount School.



Rick Cook


MAY 12-20 2018

in times square