Design Talks NYC


UUfie is an award winning multidisciplinary architecture studio, founded in 2009 by architect-designers Irene Gardpoit and Eiri Ota. UUfie’s work spans the fields of art, architecture, landscape, furniture, and product design. The practice celebrates experimentation, diversity, and site specific—often inspired by nature—and aims to create “experiences of transition” in all of its work.


Standout architectural projects include the Ports 1961 Shanghai; the Printemps Haussmann Verticality; and Lake Cottage, a two-story family home along the lake that references of being in a tree house. Notable furniture and object designs include Yin Yang Table; Echo Table; Whiteout Vases; and Peacock, a set of chairs embodying the frozen moment of the plumage of their namesake.


The studio’s work has been in several contemporary design exhibitions and galleries, including, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, London Design Week, Design Exchange, Guild Design Fair, Design Miami and Museo Bagatti Valsecchi.




MAY 12-20 2018

in times square