Design Pavilion, NYC


  • A generous offering to the people of New York City and beyond
  • serves as a beacon for the design industries
  • offers a public face to NYCxDESIGN
  • is free and open to all


  • A highly visible experiential marketing tool for brands
  • an innovative marketing forum
  • an agent for change




  • Presents the leaders and stars of the design industries
  • encourages design collaborations and innovation
  • provides designers with an opportunity to experiment
  • offers support to young designers and makers
  • explores diverse design themes relevant to everyone’s lives


  • Educates the public about design
  • increases awareness of the built environment
  • builds community through the positive experience of design
  • highlights the city as an engaged, creative force
  • activates public space and place-making




MAY 12-20 2018

in times square