Christian Braneon

Christian Braneon is a visiting professor in the Environmental Science department at Barnard Col-lege and a scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Christian’s work outside of academia is focused on integrating stakeholder engagement, satellite imagery, and climate projections into urban and regional planning.


He previously served as faculty at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where he was the Assistant Director of the Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (CSLS). As Assistant Director of CSLS, Christian developed and oversaw the process of incorporating service learning and community en-gagement into courses and co-curricular programs across campus, and established systems for part-nering with nonprofit, industry, and government organizations in ways that are mutually beneficial for partners and the Georgia Tech community.


Prior to joining Georgia Tech, Christian served as Co-Director of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s inaugural Environmental Justice Academy for community leaders. He led re-gional community engagement efforts associated with the Clean Power Plan in four states and was recognized for his service with a White House Climate Action Plan Award.


Christian earned his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech. Christian also earned a BS in Applied Physics from Morehouse College.




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