Sarah Ditty

Sarah is Policy Director at Fashion Revolution, the world’s largest fashion activism movement campaigning for greater sustainability and transparency in fashion industry. She developed and leads the Fashion Transparency Index, an annual benchmark of the world’s 200 largest fashion brands and retailers ranked according to their level of transparency. Sarah led Fashion Revolution’s work on the Garment Worker Diaries, a year-long research study of the financial livelihoods and working conditions of female garment workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia and India. She is an appointed delegate to the European Commission’s flagship initiative on the garment sector, a member of the European Parliament’s Garment Working Group and has recently been a witness to the the UK government's Environmental Audit Committee inquiry into sustainability of the fashion industry. Sarah was previously Editor-in-Chief at the Ethical Fashion Forum, providing research and training to help fashion businesses of all sizes to grow sustainably and is one of the founders of its new venture Common Objective, an intelligent business network for the fashion industry. Before that she worked as a project coordinator at Worn Again, an innovation-focused company developing technologies for circular recycling of textiles. Sarah is a writer and speaker on sustainable fashion for media outlets including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Huffington Post, BBC, The Guardian and Business of Fashion.