From May 18-22 2017, come in and learn about the products and designers and SHOP for innovative gifts!


DESIGN MARKET NYC features: Kikkerland, Pratt Institute School of Design, American Design Club, Attache-Moi Parfums

photos by Rune Stokmo and Michael Robinson


  • Kikkerland

    Kikkerland Design, a NYC based design gift company celebrating 25 years of creativity, and joins the Design Pavilion Market.


    Come learn how products are designed, play with iconic designs, and shop curious and functional gifts.


    Creativity runs rampant and even the most utilitarian object becomes a delightful discovery at Kikkerland!


  • Pratt Institute School of Design and United Legwear & Apparel Co.

    Students from Pratt Institute School of Design in partnership with United Legwear & Apparel Co. participated in the PULSE (Pratt United Legwear Sock Experiment) design competition, exploring design in the form of a sock.


    Starting with a simple sock outline, contestants submitted 100 entries; five semifinalists were chosen to have their designs sampled and reviewed by a panel of experts. The winning sock design is manufactured and displayed at Design Pavilion Market, where information about the design process for legwear is also available.


  • American Design Club

    American Design Club

    The American Design Club presents their annual design exhibition at Design Pavilion Market.


    This year, their exhibition’s theme is AmDC Souvenir Shop, a New York centric take on great design gift-ables. Visitors to New York for NYCxDesign will have a chance to take home the latest trending souvenirs more than 20 up-and-coming designers.  All products are great for on-the-go travel.


    The American Design Club is a platform for designers and brands to show, share, and sell their work. They do this by exhibiting new work at some of the best design venues, and connecting and consulting with brands on new opportunities.


  • Attache-Moi

    Attache-Moi (means ‘tie me up’) is a New York City based company behind a collection of perfumes made between Paris, Grasse and New York in collaboration with the greatest talents of the scent industry today.


    Founded by Olivia Bransbourg, the first scent was launched in 2009 with a one-month exhibition in Paris. Since then, the perfume house has collaborated with filmmakers, artists, musicians and designers to propose a different approach to the scent experience.


    Evocative encounters, sensorial journeys, existing or imaginary worlds … can we tie ourself to the fleetingness of a passion, to the energy and light of a city, to a time that does not exist?


    Special projects in relation with the scents have been held at Christie’s, the Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, and ‘La Compagnie’ the French boutique airline.