Design Pavilion in Times Square serves as the public hub for the city’s official design week and the many related design events occurring around the city. We are host to the NYCxDESIGN Information Kiosk distributing the NYCxDESIGN Guide, Design Talks NYC™, Design Market NYC™; and a series of installations that are free and open to the public and engage emerging and established designers, architects, brands and visionaries from around the world.


Design Pavilion is an annual nine-day public design and cultural happening, presenting a series of curated installations and daily programs, and themed for 2018 From This Day Forward. We engaged more than 3.7 million local business people, residents and international visitors with design ideas for our future.


Pavilions and displays


    U.S. premier of custom-designed inflatable pavilion by Inflate

    In the spirit of this year’s Design Pavilion theme, From This Day Forward, and a commitment to innovation and the future, Design Pavilion Creative Director Harry Allen collaborated with UK-based, fast architecture and lightweight design brand Inflate, led by Creative Director Nick Crosbie, to debut this large-scale, inflatable structure spanning approximately 2,000 square feet and 25-feet-high. This inflatable pavilion is an intricate and uniquely light and soft form housing special exhibitions within its sheltered space.


    As pioneers in the field of fast architecture and lightweight design, at their core, Inflate designs are, and have always been, innovative, fun, functional, and at the cutting edge of contemporary design.






    Bright New Things, sponsored by Avery Dennison and Arts Thread presents work of emerging designers

    For the 2018 edition of Design Pavilion, an international "Bright New Things" competition hailing from the UK challenges students and recent graduates from around the world to wrap an everyday object using Avery Dennison’s graphic materials. Four winning designs were chosen for exhibition within a stunning, large glass cube powered by Avery Dennison's Janela™ and Vela™ technologies, offering viewers a combination of physical and digital discovery and a glimpse into the future of consumer experience.


    Avery Dennison is a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. Global brands and retailers count on Avery Dennison technology to enable innovative and powerful solutions for supply chain management, creating personalized consumer experiences and transforming the future of retail.


    Arts Thread, the Bright New Things contest administrator, is the leading digital platform for emerging artists and designers, a launch pad for the next generation of creative talent.







    Bright New Things, sponsored by Avery Dennison and Arts Thread presents work of emerging designers

    Arts Thread is the leading digital platform for emerging artists and designers, a launch pad for the next generation of creative talent representing 300,000 students in more than 100 countries from 720 design schools.


    Bridging the gap between industry and education, Arts Thread administered two student competitions for 2018 Design Pavilion.


    Magis Mural Competition involved the local New York community, design schools and design students in developing a site-specific installation to creatively showcase its iconic chairs. The students were asked to develop 2D artwork for the backdrop walls.


    Avery Dennison’s ‘Bright New Things’ Competition featured the winning designs, by emerging designers and artists from around the world, of everyday objects wrapped in its graphic materials.


    Design Pavilion is pleased to present Arts Thread, the international network for new creatives.







    MAGIS with HERMAN MILLER returned to Design Pavilion for a second year with this bold expression of vivid color, organic forms, and a playful spirit. Magis encourages its design partners to achieve technological sophistication by exploring innovative uses of materials and production techniques, evident in their original designs.


    Magis products are distributed exclusively by Herman Miller in the US. This partnership is built on the commitment both companies have to supporting original designs through design authorship.


    • Magis Puppy designed by Eero Aarnio
    • Magis Chair_One designed by Konstantin Grcic
    • Magis Milà Chair designed by Jaime Hayon
    • Magis Spun Chair designed by Thomas Heatherwick


    Arts Thread International, based in London, UK, administered the Magis Mural Competition for this showcase in Times Square.  With Magis, they challenged New York based students and here are the winners:


    • Lizzy Itzkowitz, School of Visual Arts
    • Wenkai Mao, School of Visual Arts
    • Heng Zeng, Syracuse University





  • HERMAN MILLER and Magis


    HERMAN MILLER and MAGIS returned to Design Pavilion for a second year with this bold expression of vivid color, organic forms, and a playful spirit. Magis encourages its design partners to achieve technological sophistication by exploring innovative uses of materials and production techniques, evident in their original designs.


    Magis products are distributed exclusively by Herman Miller in the US and Canada. This partnership is built on the commitment both companies have to supporting original designs through design authorship.






    First time collaboration between Design Pavilion and Nasdaq recognizes impact of design on our future

    Reinforcing the forward-looking theme of its 2018 edition, Design Pavilion with Nasdaq, share a commitment to the role of design and technology in our future, and featured daily live broadcast interviews with design industry stars engaging more than two million Nasdaq followers.


    In addition, Nasdaq showcased a flash exhibition of AIGA’s Design for Democracy: “Building Community Power” graphic campaign on its cylindrical Nasdaq MarketSite Tower and Marquee digital screens at 4 Times Square on May 15th.


    “Design Pavilion celebrates those who are rewriting how design and technology apply to our future, and aligns with the way Nasdaq thinks of disruption and innovation that drives so many of our ideas – from electronic trading to analytics to the markets and economies of tomorrow,” said Ally Kostick, Global Head of Brand + Creative for Nasdaq.







    Francisco MeloPatrick DuffyMax WinogradNicola FormichettiKevin KollendaJoe DoucetHarry AllenNick CrosbieKathryn GarciaTim TompkinsIlene Shaw




    Circus Family adorns Superior Digital Display screens in Times Square

    Custom-designed, digital animations by audiovisual design collective Circus Family, based in The Netherlands, graced Superior Digital’s spectacular digital signage located at West 42nd and 49th Streets, the gateways to Times Square, prior to and during Design Pavilion’s program.


    Circus Family, has a passion for bringing challenging projects to life. From conception to execution, their clients receive a signature visual identity.






    50 New York Artists: A Public Art Exhibition


    In celebration of New York’s 50th anniversary, 50 artists were invited to create 50 magazine covers that express what New York City looks like to them right now.


    The project began with Alex Katz, who revisited the “Subway Drawings” series he made when studying at Cooper Union in the 1940s and whose new drawings appeared in New York’s anniversary issue this past October.


    Over the following 12 months, additional covers are being released throughout the city, across the five boroughs, in a rolling, surprising public art project.


    New York Magazine is thrilled to partner with the Design Pavilion and honored to present the illustrator, Joana Avillez, who appeared at Design Pavilion live and created the next work in this series.










    L'Observatoire International lights Inflate

    World renowned lighting design firm, L’Observatoire International designed the lighting for the Inflate pavilion that highlights the form of the structure both within and without, bringing depth through a play of light and opacity. As architectural lighting designers, their role is to leverage light as a medium through which architectural intentions can be heightened and spaces transformed. Projects include New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the High Line, and Louis Vuitton Fondation in Paris. L’Observatoire International was founded in 1993 by designer Hervé Descottes. Project director for this installation is Christopher Marta.






    Philips Lighting collaborates with L’Observatoire International

    Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting products, systems and services, delivers innovations that unlock business value, providing rich user experiences that help improve lives. Serving both professional and consumer markets, Philips Lighting leads the industry in leveraging the ‘Internet of Things’ to transform homes, buildings and urban spaces.


    In collaboration with renowned designers of L’Observatoire, we showcase Philips Lighting innovations to enhance the magic of our Inflate pavilion.


    Philips Color Kinetics celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. The fixture used is the ColorBlast which provides high quality white light and millions of colors with state of the art Intellihue technology.


    You too can get professional results with Philips luminaires available to all for home, office and those special state of the art needs.






    A new and innovative digital media company

    Superior Digital Displays with spectacular digital signage located at West 42nd and 49th Streets. Circus Family's custom-designed animations for Design Pavilion were on view on the Superior Digital gateway screens in Times Square prior and during the event. These dynamic and eye-catching digital communications added a new dimension in the visibility and promotion of Design Pavilion, its sponsors and exhibitors, and NYCxDESIGN.







    The Times Square Alliance launched its inaugural prototypes from a new program titled Times Square Design Lab. These commissioned designs for public space are designed by New York City designers Brad Ascalon, Joe Doucet, Louis Lim, DYAD by Doug Fanning, and Hive Public Space. The program is managed by 6¢ Design, and introduced Times Square as a laboratory for new solutions to enhance public spaces and as a venue to present New York’s design talent and community.


    The designs in the inaugural 2018 Design Lab provide new solutions for the Time Square Alliance’s needs for seating, meeting, shopping and signage. We hope that these products will find customers and manufacturers in other public spaces nationally and internationally. These are prototypes, and this is a laboratory, so we welcome constructive feedback on social mtedia using #TSqDL.


    Brad Ascalon has designed a seating concept, ‘Island Collection’, that provides a tranquil refuge through a simple, yet multipurpose modular system incorporating storage and planters. This line will be produced and distributed by the Landscape Forms Company in Michigan.


    Doug Fanning’s (DYAD) poster holder, ‘Re: Post’, refers to traditional community signage with a structure that borrows from kick-boxing for a resilient and attention-getting display.


    Joe Doucet has designed ‘The Village’ which is characterized by large-scale, colorful enclosed pods fostering a sense of home and congregation and providing a distinguishable landmark for familiar faces to meet on the plaza.


    Hive Public Space, an urban design and placemaking consultancy presents shelving and seating in the form of a curvilinear bookcase, named ‘Title Wave’. This piece integrates a bench into a bookcase for the area near the Strand Bookstore in Times Square.


    Louis Lim, known for his work exploring the ideas of play and interaction in design has designed ‘Drop Sign’, a signage system with a teardrop shape that allows it to respond to wind or touch, attracting attention as it rebounds.








    Pratt Institute presents The Future of Take-Out, an exhibition of student solutions

    The Future of Take-Out is a unique collaboration with the New York State Department of Environment Conservation (DEC), challenging Pratt students to explore a range of solutions that focus on reducing waste, eliminating one-time use packages for fast food, plastic alternatives, marine-friendly packaging and methods and systems for packaging and transporting take-out food with the goal of eliminating the pollution of New York’s waterways and Harbor by the litter of fast food plastic utensils, containers, straws and bags offered by the city’s take-out restaurants, delis, and food carts.

    Pratt Institute is transforming academic excellence in architecture, art, design, information studies, and liberal arts and sciences through its defining heritage and visionary future.


    Pratt Department Chairs:

    Constantin Boym

    Santiago Piedrafita


    Taught by Professors:

    Karol Murlak

    Eric O’Toole



    Bashayer Alarfaj

    Garrett F. Benisch

    Yanqiu Bi

    Josh K. Bird

    Thitipol Chaimattayompol

    Pandara Chanyatanavut

    Divya Chaurasia

    Huei Tai Chen

    Shanshan Chen

    Xiaoyu Gu

    Stephanie Marie Hsu

    Sylwia Karwowska

    Alice J. Hixon Kirk

    Ian Montgomery

    Hyeryun Nam

    Kazuha Otake

    Xiangrong Qi

    Prachi Y. Sanghvi

    Sung Jun Shim

    Francesca Suman

    Yiyun Tao

    Diana Tsoy







    Duggal Visual Solutions showcases its innovative technologies

    Renowned for fine print production, Duggal Visual Solutions also provides digital interactive fixtures, custom fabrication, and design consultation. They serve the world’s most influential brands in premium retail, museums, hospitality, architecture and design firms, and sport and other major events. As a production partner, Duggal’s state of the art capabilities are evident in all Design Pavilion’s signage and in this original installation.


    Duggal Innovation Lab designers:

    Glenn E. Rabbach, Creative Director

    Chris Lange

    Blaze Gregorio





  • AIGA

    AIGA designers use design to engage citizens in democracy

    AIGA, the professional association for design, collaborated this year with Design Pavilion to showcase its Design for Democracy: “Building Community Power” messages and graphics on the Nasdaq MarketSite Tower and Marquee digital screens at 4 Times Square. Nasdaq shared the AIGA members’ content on the Tower and Marquee, as well as across its social media channels that engage more than two million followers.


    Since 1998, AIGA has been advocating for design for civic engagement through voter campaigns, education, registration, access, and civic participation. This year the “Building Community Power” project is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts and developed in partnership with Nonprofit VOTE, the largest source of nonpartisan resources established to help nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services.


    The jury included Harry Allen for Design Pavilion; Tim Tompkins for Times Square Alliance; Ally Kostick, Global Brand + Creative at Nasdaq, Frances Yllana, co-chair of the Design for Democracy committee, James Hill of Nonprofit VOTE, Laura Peres, Pratt MFA student whose thesis is on platform activism, and famous design advocates Milton Glaser and Luba Lukova.


    AIGA Team:

    Laetitia Wolff

    Angelica Dios

    Rich Hollant, co chair of the AIGA Design for Democracy : Building Community Power

    Frances Yllana, co chair of the AIGA Design for Democracy : Building Community Power

    Brian Miller, executive director, Nonprofit VOTE

    James Hill, director of communication, Nonprofit VOTE

    Caitlin Donnelly, community engagement manager, Nonprofit VOTE



    Harry Allen for Design Pavilion

    Tim Tompkins for Times Square Alliance

    Ally Kostick, Global Brand + Creative at Nasdaq

    Laura Peres, Pratt MFA student whose thesis is on platform activism






    Mio Culture debuts a new line of furniture designed to enhance creativity

    MIO is a line of modern sustainable furnishings for creative spaces. ‘The Work is Play Collection’, was shown for the first time at Design Pavilion, is the result of research into the habits and activities of adults in their living and workspaces. ‘The Work is Play’ line brings play to the forefront as a means to spontaneously interact and share with others while enhancing creativity and communication.


    All MIO products are designed by its founders, Jaime Salm and Isaac Salm.







    zU-studio presents anti-gravity seating for “Re-lying”

    Parenthesis, aka ( ), of the Re-lying Collection, invites you to experience anti-gravity seating positions. The collection promotes numerous health benefits including reducing the pressure on the lumbar discs, improving back pain and sciatica issues, reducing heart rate and improving circulation. Relax and breath in the heart of the city. Created by Javier Zubiria, founding architect at zU-studio architecture, based in The Netherlands.






    THE AMERICAN DESIGN CLUB returns to Design Pavilion

    The American Design Club, a platform for designers and brands, returned for the third consecutive year to Design Pavilion, where they showed, shared, and sold their work.  They welcomed visitors to browse their pop-up shop and take home the latest products made by emerging and established creatives. The American Design Club connects and consults with brands on new opportunities and curates theme-based exhibitions of new work at some of the finest design venues.






    Sponsor of the official Design Pavilion uniform

    Souler is an influencer commerce platform where influencers share and sell the products they love from the brands they represent directly to their followers. Powered by RevCascade’s drop-ship platform, Souler enables influencers to create their own digital store fronts where they can curate, promote and sell branded products, without the hassle of managing physical inventory, shipping or customer service. A free service for both influencers and brands, the Souler platform provides brands with a new revenue stream, while also attracting new customers.






    Maker of the official Design Pavilion uniform

    Leatherworks by Arturo has been a cornerstone in Made in USA handbags and accessories manufacturing for over 34 years. They specialize in custom pattern sets, samples, one off duplication's, as well as small and large production runs, and proud to provide high quality, well crafted goods for independent designers and companies of all sizes.





    Hunter Douglas and Duggal Innovation Lab partner to showcase their most innovative technologies

    Hunter Douglas, the world’s leading manufacturer of window coverings, partnered with Duggal Innovation Lab during this year’s NYCxDESIGN. Hunter Douglas displayed their cutting-edge technology of PowerView® Motorization, which theatrically moved shades to show off Duggal’s visual display of Lumipixels, blending animated light and graphics.






    Design Pavilion’S Dancing in the Street


    The second annual Dancing in the Street was held on Sunday night, May 12th. Notable DJ Sammy Jo expertly curated a 2-hour set for dance music fans, from age 3 to 93. Dancing in the Street has become an annual Design Pavilion tradition!