MAY 13 - Impact Summit

Nasdaq MarketSite


MAY 14–16 - Design Talks

4 Times Square


In conjunction with Design Pavilion, Design Talks NYC is a fascinating and culturally relevant conversation and story series featuring architecture, design, art and civic visionaries and creative leaders.


Now in its fifth year, the program returned in 2019 with a full-day kick off, the Design Talks Impact Summit, a forum for all industries committed to designing a sustainable and circular future.

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  • Monday, May 13

    Design Talks NYC: +Impact Summit

    Nasdaq MarketSite,
    151 West 43rd Street, 10th Floor

    The Impact Summit, is a Design Talk forum for all industries committed to designing a circular future.  Encompassing all design disciplines, with speakers from architecture, fashion, interior and mobility design, we offer a full-day conference held during the Design Talks and focused on sustainability.


    Design Pavilion, NYCThe summit is sponsored by:




    Welcome by organizers

    Ilene ShawPatrick Duffy



    Transitioning into Transparency,
    Efficiency and Responsibility






    The Future We Don't Want - 
    A Call for Transformative Action





    Sustainability on the Sea


    Nicola Pomi, Vice President, Marine Engine Sales Europe, Volvo PentaJan Pachner, Secretary General,
    One Ocean Foundation
    Federico Ferrante, President of Azimut Benetti Americas, Azimut Benetti GroupGianfranco Bestetti, consultant architect,
    Paola Lenti
    Evan Harvey, Global Head of SustainabilityAndrew Semprevivo, CEO, SeakeeperModerator:



    Adidas’ FutureCraft:
    Bringing Circularity to Sports




    Reparative Design: A conversation With
    Eileen Fisher and Paola Antonelli


    Speakers:                                                   Moderator:

    Ryan CaruthersEileen Fisher, Founding Co-CEO, Chairwoman, Eileen Fisher, Inc.Anne Slowey, change agent, branding/content creator, speechwriterPaola Antonelli, Senior Curator, The Museum of Modern Art, Department of Architecture & Design






    Green Homes and Offices: The Untapped Potential for Sustainable Buildings


    Speakers:                                                   Moderator:

    Ryan CaruthersAngela Spangler, International WELL Building InstituteJohn Oppermann, Executive Director, Earth Day Initiative; Associate Real Estate Broker, Healthy & Green Home Specialist, CompassWayne Turett, The Turett Collaborative: Architects, Interior Designers



    Mazars USA presents

    Economic Empowerment through Sustainable Investments



    LanVy Nguyen, Founding Principal, Fashion4FreedomStuart Nussbaum, Partner, Mazars USAStan Stalnaker, CEO and Chief Information Security Officer, Ven Finance Ltd.Sarah Ditty, Policy Director, Fashion Revolution



    Cultural Sustainability for the Futurecity







    #Wearnext - Redesigning Fashion for a More Sustainable Future

    A campaign partnership between NYC Economic Development Corp., DSNY, and Ellen MacArthur Foundation



    Dana Davis, Vice President of Sustainability, Product & Business Strategy, Mara HoffmanEmily Scarlett, H&M USALindsay Clinton,
    Francois Souchet,
    Head of Ellen MacArthur Foundations’s Make Fashion Circular
    Burak Cakmak, Dean, Parsons School of DesignStephanie Benedetto, Queen of RawModerator:



    Next Gen + New Ideas:

    How young innovators are bringing fresh ideas to old models



    Devin Gilmartin, cofounder and President of Querencia StudioThomas Kosbau, Founding Principal Architect, ORE Design and TechnologyFarah Ahmad, licensed Architect, LEED AP, NYC School Construction AuthorityPatrick Duffy, Founding Principle, Global Fashion ExchangeSebastian Gier, Founder of Designdrives.org, and Designer at BMW GroupModerator:




    United Nations Environment Programme

    Designing for Sustainable Future a Way Forward



  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  2:00PM

    Solar in the City

    Let’s step outside the building to see where solar really shines. When skillfully integrated into the built environment, photovoltaics can be used for shading, storm-water diversion, LED lighting, emergency notifications, and charging personal devices, in addition to providing power right where it’s needed. What other energy source is so well-adapted for enlivening public space?



    Jeff Perlman, President and Founder of Bright PowerAmelia AmonAlt. TechnicaLisa SmithFounding Principal, solstreetJonathan Margalit, Sr. Business Development Manager, E InkModerator:


  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  3:00PM

    Designing for Public Space

    “A thoughtfully-designed public space both embodies and instills good civic values,” according to panelist Victoria Milne.  However, we don’t think frequently enough about public spaces in terms of product design.  Product, or industrial, design describes the scale of street furnishings and transit systems where elements of touch, clarity of use, comfort, durability and familiarity are important parts of creating a successful experience.  Here poor design is experienced as frustration, danger, or disuse, and good design is when people enjoy facilities and find them easy to use.  This panel is a rare opportunity to unpack the thinking that goes into making public space objects successful.



    Karrie JacobsSigi Moeslinger, Masamichi UdagawaPrincipals, Antenna Design New York Inc.Victoria MilnePrincipal, 6¢ DesignSteve Cozzolino,Principal, Cozzolino Studio LLCWendy FeuerAssistant Commissioner for Urban Design & Art, NYC Dept. of TransportationModerator:



  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  5:00PM

    The Disposable Life of Interior Design

    Interiors do not endure time. They last a few years before a new owner rips out existing materials to create a new environment. Our industry earns money by this constant turnover…but is this legacy what we want to leave – fast fashion? Can we not create an attitude in our industry to cherish the endurance of good design; prizes for saving the existing; can we create a City Harvest for the Interior Design industry? Can we design reusable systems for interior surfaces – design the “take-down” – plan a purposeful disposal at the outset?


    By a personal example of a graffiti destruction party of one of our high-end restaurant designs - which had been voted best in the world - we began to monitor the time a restaurant design endures….seven years. Then started to monitor other projects such as hotels, schools, offices…..


    Can we not stop the waste?




  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  5:20PM

    Dismantling the Divide: Using Design to Foster Community and Evoke Culture

    This 20-minute solo presentation will focus on the critical importance and role of community and culture in design.


    This theme of “community” is one that dominates the modern epoch. Whether it is expressed via how countries view their national identity, the relationship between the working force and CEOs, class struggles, entertainment and recreation, or social mobility within a capitalist framework, it has dominated modern discourse and created a sharp division between various movements.


    International architect, Francisco Gonzalez Pulido of FGP Atelier, aims to design inclusive structures that acknowledge community, culture, and cater to people above all. This system entails a progressive approach to typology. In his talk, FGP will draw from his global experience, highlighting strategies and technologies he has implemented to express culture and community through design. Two projects of note include: the Diablos Rojos Stadium, Mexico City’s premier baseball stadium, and the Land Rover’s Offices in Shanghai’s Qiantain District—the city’s epicenter for international business.





  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  5:40PM

    Essential Architecture: Can’t Live Without It!

    Largely unseen—and usually unappreciated—a seldom regarded architecture represents an essential prerequisite for urban life. The provision of clean water, the disposal and treatment of human waste, the collection of solid waste, the cleaning and salting of streets, the shipment of waste out of the city—are all critical infrastructure we can’t live without. More visible, but equally essential, are the transit facilities allowing urban movement, and the structures housing the firefighters and police who maintain a safe city.


    These buildings are the necessary underpinning for the entire urban constellation of work places, commercial establishments, housing, educational facilities, cultural buildings, streets, sidewalks, and parks. From the establishment of Dattner Architects in 1964, Essential Architecture has been central to our practice.


    As urban life continues to evolve, so must the Essential Architecture that supports it.





  • TUESDAY, May 14  •  6:00PM

    Azimut|Benetti Group presents:

    The Evolution of Art & Design
    in Luxury Lifestyle

    Join us to hear how art and design are evolving in different experiences of luxury lifestyle, including residences, hotels, and yachting. This theme will be analyzed through the experience of world-class designers and architects along with spokespeople of two collectible galleries which play a key role in the development of the contemporary design market. Azimut|Benetti, the most prestigious megayacht builder in the world, will be the perfect host for the discussion as creativity and design represent a key feature of the success of its two brands, Azimut and Benetti.



    Ashlee Harrison, Director, Carpenter’s Workshop GalleryWendy Goodman, New York MagazineDominic Kozerski, Principle, Bonetti/KozerskiAchille Salvagni, Principle, Salvagni ArchitettiGiovanna Vitelli, Vice President, Azimut Benetti GroupJennifer Olshin, Partner, Friedman BendaEnrico Bonetti, Principle, Bonetti/KozerskiModerator:


  • Wednesday, May 15  •  3:00pm

    Behind the Robe: A first-look at the new Statue of Liberty Museum

    How do you create a more meaningful experience for the 4.5 million people who visit Liberty Island each year, many of whom never get into the Statue of Liberty due to space limitations?


    Join the design team of the highly anticipated Statue of Liberty Museum for a behind-the-scenes look at its creation. Designed to stir emotions and inspire ideas about the Statue of Liberty and the ideals it represents, the 26,000-square-foot museum begins with a sweeping immersive film that takes visitors on a fly-through inside the monument and provides an overview of the story of Lady Liberty. The Engagement Gallery allows visitors to delve into stories about the Statue’s construction, history, and global impact through artifacts, media, and interactive experiences. In the Inspiration Gallery, guests express their views of what liberty means to them by adding a self-portrait and collage of inspirational images to an ever-growing digital mural called Becoming Liberty.



    Nick Garrison, Partner and Design Director, FXCollaborativeNick Hubbard, Designer, Content and Activity Design


  • WeDNESDAY, May 15  •  4:00pm

    From Idea to Reality: Bringing Innovation to Life

    Designers dream up exciting ideas, but what needs to happen to bring those ideas to life? Why does such a small percentage of innovation in design ever make it to the market? Collaboration is too often a buzzword, but how to create work spaces that are conducive to cultivating ideas that lead to innovation?


    This in depth conversation between leaders at the intersection of industrial design, architecture and tech will be led by Zachary Edelson of Metropolis.



    Noah Schwarz, Director of Merchandising at Design Within ReachZachary Edelson,
    Digital Content Strategist, Metropolis Magazine
    Bec Brittain, Founder and Creative Director, BEC BRITTAINHlynur Atlason, Founder and Creative Director, ATLASON StudioLeif Huff, Partner, IDEODavid Hacin, Principal, Hacin + AssociatesModerator:

  • WeDNESDAY, May 15  •  5:00pm

    Shared Spaces: Designing People-Friendly Urban Streets

    The Fine Arts Federation of New York, in collaboration with the New York City Public Design Commission, is exploring the next frontier in people-friendly urban street design: shared spaces. Pioneered to great acclaim (and occasional outrage) in European cities such as Amsterdam and London, shared spaces reimagine roadways and sidewalks as seamless “public realms” for civic life, doing away with traditional traffic lanes, curbs, barriers, or signals. This counter-intuitive approach to designing public thoroughfares has been shown to improve safety as cars slow down to navigate a unified public zone, while walkers and cyclists enjoy improved amenities and access to the city. Liberating space from vehicles also offers new opportunities to soften, shade, and “green” the right-of-way, promoting calmer, cooler, and ecologically friendlier environments, as well as new spaces for events, farmers markets, and public art installations that activate the streetscape. The result is a more humane and harmonious urban environment.


    Championed by urban innovators and viewed by others as a threat to public order as we know it, shared spaces deserve to be explored as a solution to New York’s often woefully congested and hostile streetscapes. Could our city join the vanguard of next-generation street design?


    This 45-minute session will begin with a thought leader in the field of urban design offering a provocative, TED talk–style presentation on the creation and implementation of shared spaces around the world (20 minutes). The presentation will be followed by conversation with three respondents from the public and private sectors representing diverse, real-world New York City perspectives on this radical proposition (20 minutes). The session will conclude with a brief audience Q&A (5 minutes).



    Justin Garrett Moore, Executive Director, New York City Public Design CommissionSigne Nielsen, Public Design Commission Landscape Architect and Founding Principal, MNLAVishaan Chakrabarti, Principal of Practice for Architecture and Urbanism | PAUEmily Weidenhof, Director of Public Space, New York City Department of TransportationModerator:


  • WeDNESDAY, May 15  •  6:00pm

    Designing Spaces that Engage and Delight with Art + Technology Installations

    Design professionals are increasingly called upon to create spaces that are experiential in nature - environments that are actively engaging, that make people want to stay and keep them coming back again and again.  Artists are responding to this call by utilizing new technology tools and creating meaningful projects that are multi-sepnsory, interactive, and often allow viewers to become participants in the artwork.  This talk will explore the various technologies artists are embracing, and how these art + technology projects can be incorporated into the design/build scenario.


    The panel consists of leading artists and creatives who are working on the cutting edge of technology to create masterpieces that transform their environments.  They are experienced at dealing with the issues involved with technology and will speak to creative solutions that come from actual practice.



    Toni Sikes, CEO, CODAworxZolty,
    Co-founding CCO, Breakfast
    Ben Rubin, Director, Center for Data Arts, The New SchoolJames Patten, Director, Patten StudioModerator:


  • THURSDAY, May 16  •  4:00pm

    Future of Mobility for New York City –
    S(h)ifting through the Hype

    We are gathering in Times Square, the urban epicenter of the capital of the world, to challenge your view of the future of mobility. This diverse panel of mobility experts coming from design, local government, manufacturing and mobility startups, will discuss the competing business models for urban mobility and the holistic sustainable systems-approach needed here in NYC.


    We will define mobility on many levels and address the need for new disruptive modes of

    mobility and how to obtain them.



    Dan Wagner, Assistant Director of NYC Dept. of Transportation's Pedestrian Projects GroupEdward Laganis,
    Design Engineering Director at Smart Design
    Stephan Clambaneva, IDSAHenry L. Greenidge, Esq., Legal & Government Affairs | Urban Technology at  Cruise AutomationModerator:


  • Thursday, May 16  •  5:00pm

    Building for Health: The Importance of Design in Supportive Housing

    The environments in which people live can have longstanding consequences for their health. This is especially true for people who have experienced chronic homelessness on the streets.


    As New York’s largest provider of supportive housing, Breaking Ground has long believed in the connections between health and the design of the built environment. By partnering with the forward-thinking COOKFOX Architects, principles of active and biophilic design are employed to improve the health of formerly homeless and low-income residents ofBreaking Ground housing. The pair’s newest collaboration also embraces the Passive House standard. In this conversation, Breaking Ground and COOKFOX explore the importance of design with a social purpose through the lens of supportive housing.



    Elissa Winzelberg, Director of Design and Construction, Breaking GroundRick Cook, Principal and Co-Founder, COOKFOX ArchitectsBrenda E. Rosen, President and CEO, Breaking Ground

  • Thursday, May 16  •  6:00pm

    No More Excuses: Time for Designers and Brands to Embrace Creative Activism

    No one is more capable or better equipped than designers to provide creative solutions to real-life problems. It’s what they do every day for clients, using their creative talents to effectively advance a brand’s message or solve a difficult brand issue. Unfortunately, we as an industry no longer have the luxury of willful inaction on some of today’s most critical social, cultural and political issues. Too much Is at stake. As a society we should be addressing gun violence, domestic abuse, discrimination, voting rights, clean drinking water or many other vital issues, it’s time for brands, and all creatives involved in design to adhere to the words of Abraham Lincoln and listen to “the better angels of our nature”. It’s time to take a stand and rally around the awesome collective power of creative activism.



    Brian Collins, Chief Creative Officer, COLLINSNick Law,
    CCO Publicis Groupe, Pres. Publicis Communications
    Kevin Swanepoel, CEO, The One Club for CreativityPum Lefebure, co-founding CCO, Design ArmyModerator:


  • Nasdaq Design Interview Broadcasts



    MONDAY, MAY 13

    Patrick Duffy,
    Founder, Global Fashion Exchange (GFX)
    Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President, Azimut Benetti GroupEileen Fisher,FoundingCo-CEO, Chairwoman, Eileen Fisher, Inc.Paolo Vitelli,President, Azimut|BenettiDomhnaill Hernon, Head of (E.A.T.) at Nokia Bell LabsReeps One, musician and artist


    Sherry Dobbin, Managing & Cultural Director, FuturecityJoe Wheeler, professor of architecture at Virginia TechLanVy Ngun, Founding Principal, Fashion4Freedom


    Louis Nelson, Louis Nelson Design Inc.Antonio Pio Saracino, architect, designer, artistJamil Ahmad, Director, Inter-governmental Affairs, United Nations Environment Programme, NYC


    Timi Lehtonen, FrameryAlex Brownless, co-founder of Arts ThreadRasmus Nanhed, Head of Global Sales, FrameryRon Barth,co-founder and President, Resource Furniture